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Perioada Expozitie
01.10.2020 - 02.10.2020
Beyond the medical effects, the pandemic has rewritten a lot of social rules and has suspended cultural life. In such times, negative emotions take control of people’s minds, making them oversensitive or overreactive ( as Caragiale put it: ”I feel enormously and see monstrously”). The “Contagious” project is about the way in which artists have managed to go through this crisis, how they have become resilient, that is they are not only able to absorb the crisis shock but they can also recover from this and develop robustly.In other words, how they have crossed the abyss. Thus, the artists who are invited to exhibit their works at NAG show “diaries of creation”, in which they “ write” about the story of their artistic concepts, the feelings that they have experienced in this difficult period of social isolation as well as the way in which this crisis has influenced the artistic process on the whole. Especially these days, when we have become more vulnerable, the existence of this refuge of calm, harmony and communion offered by this exhibition, can open up a compensating horizon of hope, even temporarily.