The Town of Artists

„THE TOWN OF ARTISTS” is a project implemented by the Asociația pentru Înfrumusețarea Orașului Sibiu (The Association for the Embellishment of Sibiu), co-financed by the City Hall of Sibiu and Sibiu County Council. This project takes place every year in the Small Square in Sibiu and welcomes the curious with a street art galery, art studios organized right here in the public area, workshops for children and adults and even with a library, where you can browse art books. For four months, daily, between June and October, the miniature houses are waiting for you to visit them and buy a souvenir, thus supporting an artist.

Rem Viventem


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 04.10.2020

How does matter feel on its way to becoming a work of art? An conceptual art exhibition through which the authors take the place of matter, forming images that are hidden, until the moment the idea is defined.