Dragoste Gallery
Andrei Șaguna nr. 5

It was 2009 when I set out to become an artist in 7 years. But having nowhere to exhibit in Sibiu, I had to wander through other cities and countries until 2016, when tired of fighting alone and disappointed by the lack of involvement of local authorities and artists in opening an exhibition space in Sibiu, I gave up to the image of an artist to better focus on my Love brand. And it was a good decision because in 2017 I won the ZAIN- Design Expessions clothing design award with which I got to the tv show ROMANIA,I LOVE YOU !, which launched my brand in the world and thanks to the orders that came then I managed to raise enough money to rent a space to which I gave the suggestive title: Love Gallery. Where can I now quietly exhibit my art without depending on anyone.

First Night Of Love


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 04.10.2020
Gallery Owners:

My career as an artist began on May 26, 2007 when I exhibited for the first time in a gallery in Bucharest at the first edition of Noaptea Albă A Galeriilor.


The exhibition was called Habitat, a reproduction of the work room with drawings on the wall in Cluj, where I was living in rent. Now that I think about the gallery's format it is strangely similar with the gallery where I exhibit now. Also it was at the beginning of the road.

I don't know how I got there but I remember how I left. Saying goodbye to Suzana, the organizer of Nag, with the promise of sending her train tickets by mail for settlement when I arrive in Cluj.

It has been 13 years since then and 5 years since Suzana entrusted me with the Nag Program to develop it in Sibiu, despite the lack of galleries. As an artist, I drew the City Hall's attention to this fact by exhibiting in the City Hall lobby, in front of the Brukenthal Museum or in my own car transformed into a Mobile Gallery.

This year, however, I will exhibit for the first time as a gallery owner at Dragoste Gallery, the first private art gallery in Sibiu, which I opened on February 14, Valentine's Day. So there are several reasons to start the title with "first". And as the event lasts 3 nights, on the second night it will be called "The Second Night of Love" and on the third "The Last Night of Love". As in the novel "The Last Night of Love, the First Night of War".

The war I went through all these years until I managed to open my gallery. So in a way "Last Night of War, First Night of Love"