NO!HAI Ambasada Creativă
Piața Mică 3

No!Hai is set up as a creative space in the historic center of Sibiu, dedicated to open the dialogue between artists, between artists and the public, between trainers and participants. A soace that function both as a small gallery and a creative workshop, which aims to become an embassy for an eclectic palette of forms of expression and representatives of the local cultural landscape, a space for sharing ideas and generating new cultural and educational projects.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 04.10.2020
Normality. A noun so common last year and so controversial lately. What is the meaning of normality today, when everything changes abruptly and we must her us accustom with another adjust to a different behaviours. Are we, as people, used to sudden changes in our ways and behaviours, do we easily adapt?! Behold some ideas that open up the path to reflection. And it is an reflection and introspection that we are invited to by Alexandru Cinean and Raluca Elena Coșăreanu’s works, two contemporary artists entwined by both love and art. The exhibition will be open at Nohai - Ambasada Creativa, the new space in Sibiu’s Small Square. The works of art showcase life in its simplicity, flooded by color, snobbishness, fashion, passion, love, death. From the inside out, today, art is what calls to introspection even in difficult times and helps us to get into the nature of things, into... Normality!