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Epretext is a contemporary design gallery that aims to bring art together with functionality in our daily lives, having regular exhibitions, offering dedicated consulting for interior design and focusing on limited edition interior pieces.

Daydreaming Exhibition


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
18.09.2020 - 16.10.2020
Aware of everything we experienced during this period, under the same sky - separately, but probably always together -, the exhibition represents the invitation to accept the beauty in us, carried by the unsuspected courage to leave us in the will of the moment of sleep that swings us inside us, to step towards that place where there are no limits, there is no impossible, there are no disasters: inside us. Daydream is built around a basic piece: Daybed, a work created by Radu Abraham in a limited series, in collaboration with 8 female artists who talk differently about dreaming: Ana Adam, Ioana Sisea, Jesse Kase, Ioana Stanca, Oana Nastasache, Lea Rasovsky, Pusha Petrov, Jazmin Grinbaum. This work is just the beginning. It is the threshold from which other artist universes open: the world of bronze sculptures signed Peter Jecza, Askia, Kenosis, Mormi, ArtEditions publishing house, ceramics and tapestries signed Cosmin Florea, ceramics signed Sandra Berghianu, Final Victory, Tataie Studio, Studio Mud and UAU Ceramics. Let us shelter you in the beauty created by each artist. We gave our dream the right wings: clothes, jewelry or hats signed by Ami Amalia, Crina Bulprich, Smaranda Almasan, Sole by Soledad Twombly, Lucian Rusu, Angela Ciobanu, DeCorina Hats.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
13.08.2020 - 30.10.2020

BIOHAZARD, organized by META Spațiu, is a first exhibitional exercise, an activation of the art project “Anthropocene. New Species”, which will, most probably, take place at the beginning of next year. This firs chapter is structured as a series of artistic interventions – short-term capsule exhibitions, film projections, artist talks and performances, functions as an introduction on the theme of Anthropocene and highlights some of its main themes – in regard to repositioning the artist, the curator and the cultural institution to what the new meanings of the curatorial, artistic and exhibitional approach. At the same time, this first chapter, inspired by the actual period we are facing at all levels, has a tampon, a transitional function, placed at the intersection between the acknowledgement of the dangers we face due to climate changes – which still seems to create problems of acceptance, reaction and openness to change at an individual, as well as at a global, level – and the acceptance, of projecting ourselves behind the inevitable moment of transformation and evolution.