Council House
Piata Sfatului nr. 28

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The Council House is the most representative civil historical monument of Brașov. Currently it is a section of the County Museum of History Brașov, hosting a permanent exhibition on the history of Brașov and periodically several temporary exhibitions.

The Historical Comics Festival Brasov 2019


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
11.10.2019 - 12.10.2019
  • 18:00 - Deschidere
  • 02:00 - Inchidere

The exhibition, ,,Puiu Manu. The story of a master of the historical cartoon" is organized as a reconstruction of the workshop of the master Puiu Manu, and the work sheet of his was brought - which was given to him at the beginning of his mother's career, in the '50s, and which he worked until two years ago, when he received from his daughter a new worksheet. It contains unique documents from his personal collection, comic books that inspired him, his original works from all over the creation, scenarios, sketches, as well as personal effects such as brushes and trophies. The master is still professionally active at the age of 91 and is the longest-standing cartoonist, exceeding 60 years of activity in the Romanian cartoon. The exhibition was opened at The Historical Comics Festival Brasov 2019 and is the first in the series of BD-themed museum exhibitions in Romania, curator and author of the exhibition design is Nicolae Pepene. The exhibition, The Great Challenge. An international anthology of political cartoons ”is provided by Ratiu Democracy Center. In 1958, Ion Rațiu, as president of the International Federation of Free Presses, organized in Washington an exhibition of political cartoons - "The Great Challenge". The exhibition was opened by Richard Nixon, who was then vice president in the Eisenhower administration and who met with Ion Rațiu at the time, following this event, they kept in touch and, when Nixon became president, paid a visit to Romania, it was the first visit made by any US president in Romania. And it all started with "The Great Challenge". The exhibition of political cartoons "The Great Challenge" shows to the whole world that the sharp minds of today's cartoonists can compare very well with those of the cartoonists of 1958, who outlined the political challenges of the Cold War. The caricatures are penetrating through their political judgments and are the mirror of their era. The exhibition brings together some of the works opened in 1958 in Washington, by Ion Rațiu (the original exhibition), as well as the works in the 1998 exhibition, opened in London by his sons, Nicolae and Indrei Rațiu, 50 years after the creation. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The exhibition "Made in Cz / Found in Ro" contains objects that can be divided into 5 main sections (as they appear in the catalog), each reminding of a room or a means of use. These are: bathroom, kitchen, Workshop, living room, office and leisure.In each category are included objects specific to the respective space, from home appliances and furniture, to work tools, chemicals and decorative objects, but also some more known elements, such as the Tonava scales, the My Day lantern , Lada sewing machine or Pilsner beer barrel. The temporary exhibition "Brașov 1987" includes historical documents and artifacts related to the anti-communist uprising of November 15, 1987 in Brasov. First personal items of the participants in the uprising of November 15, 1987 are presented, pieces brought from the Jilava Penitentiary, operative technique used by Romanian security, everyday life objects from the 1980s, films from the TVR archive, images from the AGERPRES archive, copies from the international press, etc. Documentation of the exhibition was made by the historians of Brasov Marius Oprea and Nicolae Pepene, together with journalist Liviu Tofan. The exhibitor is Mr. Nicolae Pepene.