Loc Interval orar Eveniment
1001 ARTE19:00 - 03:00The Land of The Procrastinating Sun
A5 Studio Space19:00 - 03:00GOOD DOGS
Alert Studio19:00 - 02:00Lilian Theil
Bucharest19:00 - 02:00The Road to Las Palmas
ART HUB 19:00 - 02:00Dinca Superstar
Art Yourself Gallery19:00 - 01:008th Anniversay Art Yourself Gallery:Liviu Mihai/mental layers & Misha Diaconu/ I feel you in my palm
Arthalle Gallery19:00 - 03:00The imminence of life in the sensitive shell
Artist Studio Ilinca Strungaru18:00 - 03:30The Other Is Not My Negation
Atelier 03020218:00 - 02:00Predictable Constructs
Atelier 3518:00 - 00:00On Off Structures
Atelier Lucian Sandu Milea19:00 - 01:00Stereoscopic - AR&VR
BNAC21:00 - 04:30Inside Out
Central University Library " Carol I " 19:00 - 02:00A red line
Central University Library " Carol I " 19:00 - 02:00Ovidiu Drimba - GENEROSITY OF THE INTELLECTUAL
Carol 5320:00 - 04:00The story of the heart. Chapter III. Cristian Scutaru
Carol 5320:00 - 04:00Evofly
Carol 5319:00 - 03:00The Island
case 10119:00 - 02:00Cans 'n' statistics
CAV18:00 - 00:00Still Alive
The Documentary Exhibition Center of the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu17:00 - 03:00 Presentation of the Stephan Eleutheriades and Elisabeta Moraitakis Collection
International Center "Caragiale House"19:00 - 03:00Take me with you!
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00Fly baby, fly!
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00Magic Hands
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00One day it’s going to be too late - an interactive train of thought
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00Sonic Images II - The Jam Session
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00Vague News
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00Călușarii - interactive animated graphic novel
creart Gallery19:00 - 01:00Adi Bulboacă - Staging the Stage
Diptych19:00 - 02:00Visionary | Works 1973 - 2014
EFdeN19:00 - 01:00From sketch to illustrating, from light to video mapping
Estopia Art Gallery19:00 - 03:00Moonlighting
ETAJ artist-run space19:00 - 03:00Playing GOD, why?
gaep19:00 - 03:00How to Disappear
Alexandra's Gallery19:00 - 02:48Kira Hagi Exhibition
Anca Poterasu Gallery19:00 - 03:00not everything means something, honey (vol.2)
CONTEMP Gallery19:00 - 02:00ART SALES NIGHT - for Art Lovers
Contrast Gallery18:00 - 04:00Gogu Constantinescu - 100 years of Sonics
Galateca Contemporary Art and Design Gallery19:00 - 01:00Toxic Two
Galateca Contemporary Art and Design Gallery19:00 - 01:00We have wake up pillows for sale
Galateca Contemporary Art and Design Gallery19:00 - 01:00ART AT THE ENTRANCE
Moods and Objects Gallery20:00 - 03:00Element
Ivan Gallery19:00 - 00:00Tiles and Tiles
Nicodim Gallery19:00 - 00:00Simphiwe Ndzube: In the Order of Elephants After the Rain
Galeria Posibilă20:00 - 04:00Like Water Under the Bridge
Roman Gallery19:00 - 01:00CERNERE-CER, artist CONSTANTIN FLONDOR
Romniceanu Gallery20:00 - 02:00Robots
Sector 1 Gallery14:00 - 01:00Concious Beauty
SUPRAINFINIT Gallery14:00 - 00:00Vizavi
Carol Gallery21:00 - 02:00DISCONNECTED
Carol Gallery19:00 - 02:00Brain inside(out)
Garage Art Gallery18:00 - 03:30Notes for later
Goethe-Institut Bucuresti, Pavilion 3219:00 - 00:00BAUHAUS IMAGINISTA
GoodBuy Gallery19:00 - 01:00Great Expectations
Eden Garden19:00 - 00:00Neighborhood Portraits
Green Hours19:00 - 03:00ANIMEST 2019 // VR INSTALLATIONS / INSTALAŢII VR @ Green Hours
H'art Gallery19:00 - 02:00Comă at H'art
H320:30 - 07:00NyhTo
Halucinarium20:00 - 03:00New Environmental Imagining
Halucinarium20:00 - 02:00Living Colours. Workshop in sustainable biodesign with Nost.Algae
InterContinental Hotel, Intermezzo Lobby Bar19:00 - 01:00PORTAL
Imbold Gallery - Acuarela19:00 - 01:00PISICAPATRATA +
Imbold Gallery - Acuarela19:00 - 01:00Un-hidden Romania x Acuarela
Cervantes Institute21:00 - 03:00The forms of the soul
Balassi Intstitute - Hungarian Institute in Buchare19:00 - 03:00Confluence
Balassi Intstitute - Hungarian Institute in Buchare19:00 - 03:00How do you take your art? Art reception event
Kube Musette 21:30 - 02:30Animest VR Experience
LABORNA Contemporary Art Gallery19:00 - 03:00BRAIN FOG
Tonitza Art High School19:00 - 00:00NAG Workshop- ColorsTalk
Make a Point19:00 - 02:00Thriving Monologues - Art Factory
MARe/Museum of Recent Art19:30 - 00:00GPS. Post-System Geometries In The Romanian Art From Now
MARe/Museum of Recent Art19:30 - 00:00Something
MARe/Museum of Recent Art19:30 - 00:00Stylistic diversity ltd.
Mobius Gallery19:00 - 03:00The Other Body
Nadina Pascariu Gallery20:00 - 00:00Genesis
Suțu Palace18:00 - 00:00Opening of the Masters of Romanian Comics - Sandu Florea (New York) exhibition, at Suțu Palace
Qreator by IQOS 22:00 - 05:00Afterparty of creativity
Scena9 BRD Residence19:00 - 03:00Mattis Teutsch. Avant-garde and constructive realism
Scena9 BRD Residence19:00 - 03:00Outside Histories
Scena9 BRD Residence19:00 - 03:00My first animation
Scena9 BRD Residence23:00 - 23:30Stormy Night
Scena9 BRD Residence00:00 - 00:35Smooth liminal
Rotenberg - Uzunov Art Gallery 19:00 - 03:00Piliuță 90
Salonul de proiecte19:00 - 00:00The Absent Museum
Jewish State Theater18:00 - 00:00Paper Kids. Photographs signed by Aurel Bauh
The Hive19:00 - 02:00THE HIVE OPEN STUDIO
TRANZIT.RO Association 18:00 - 00:00Artistic Enquiries into Plants
UNAgaleria19:00 - 02:00"STARt"
Victoria Hub19:30 - 00:00Victoria Hub exhibition @NAG