Loc Interval orar Eveniment
A5 Studio Space19:00 - 03:00GOOD DOGS
Central University Library " Carol I " 19:00 - 02:00A red line
case 10119:00 - 02:00Cans 'n' statistics
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00One day it’s going to be too late - an interactive train of thought
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00Sonic Images II - The Jam Session
CINETic UNATC20:00 - 02:00Vague News
Galateca Contemporary Art and Design Gallery19:00 - 01:00ART AT THE ENTRANCE
Carol Gallery19:00 - 02:00Brain inside(out)
Jewish State Theater18:00 - 00:00Paper Kids. Photographs signed by Aurel Bauh