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Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
21.09.2019 - 22.09.2019
  • 19:01 - Deschidere
  • 00:03 - Inchidere
This is not a curated exhibition. It is an art studio, and what is to be expected is the experience of an open studio. Four women artists (Sabina Dragomir, Andrada Feșnic, Teodora Bogdan, Oana Damian) open their doors to let the public encounter their artistic practice, as it develops in a shared space, with no synchronized intentions, and no similar paths. It is meant to arrest an instance of each their processes and display it. The big topics investigated by the four practices that function together in parallel are intimacy, vulnerability, fractured and overlapped realities. What the viewer will experience is the cluster of four different artists within a dynamic space where their work and presence are interweaved. Their themes are visible either in the finished works, or reference images, and sketches, steps and traces of each own’s process. The fact of having a commonly agreed identity under the studio’s name „Incorect” Art Studio speaks for a certain kind of harmony in areas of interest, in a certain type of painting and in personally shared predilections. Sabina’s works are about an allusive intimacy, inferred sensuality, figurative paintings of particular subtleness. Dora (Teodora) uses apparent playfulness, but a strong rebellious hand, to convey images of vulnerability, and dehumanization. Andrada employs her strong colors to crop and overlap in painting different worlds and fractions of reality. Oana draws upon her intimate repository to clarify for herself different types of frailty. Each of the four has their own types of collaboration with various galleries and art spaces in Romania or abroad, as well as involvements in cultural projects and contemporary art associations. (text: Oana Damian)