The Town of Artists


„THE TOWN OF ARTISTS” is a project implemented by the Asociația pentru Înfrumusețarea Orașului Sibiu (The Association for the Embellishment of Sibiu), co-financed by the City Hall of Sibiu. This project takes place every year in the Small Square in Sibiu and welcomes the curious with a street art galery, art studios organized right here in the public area, workshops for children and adults and even with a library, where you can browse art books. For four months, daily, between June and October, the miniature houses are waiting for you to visit them and buy a souvenir, thus supporting an artist.

Experiment-exhibition: The present in the past


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
01.10.2019 - 13.10.2019
  • 20:00 - Deschidere
  • 23:55 - Inchidere
I have not touched the pencil or the paintbrush in over 15 years. The weekly training I used to get at the Art High School during classes stopped when I decided to go to university in another field, studying restoration-conservation first and then architecture. Although I had to pass a drawing exam to be admitted to both faculties, the technique I learned further on (especially at the faculty of architecture) was rather restrictive and did not encourage you to imagine the unimaginable, while it imposed confident, straight and calculated lines and made you avoid freehand drawing at all costs. Thus, after 15 years, my vision, my working style and my technique have probably morphed into something else that no longer relates to art in the true sense of the word. However, the projects that I am coordinating - the City of Artists and the training of students from art universities at the Summer School for visual arts in Răşinari - made me reflect on a couple of things: is it possible for someone who is passionate about art to go back to his/her old habits and is it true that if you choose a completely different road through life you will disengage from your creative side forever? With these questions in mind, in the first week of October I will attempt an experiment which will definitely help me find the answers. Coordinated by Sofian Albert (artist with a PhD in visual arts), I will try to search for and regain the talent I have left behind many years ago by working and creating an exhibition in only a couple of days. Every day, in the City of Artists, I will study, work and transform a couple of canvases into paintings that will be exhibited at the Art Point Gallery in the Small Square and the exhibition will be opened on October 11 during the nationwide event of The White Night of Art Galleries. With no preliminary training, without the certainty that drawing is still a familiar practice to me and not knowing if my work over the past few years has changed my perception of artistic lines and colors, I will create an experiment-exhibition to demonstrate, first and foremost to myself, but also to all art enthusiasts, that anyone can regain their old skills. I want to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and figure out if I can create a personal exhibition (my first ever) with a little bit of talent that has remained raw during all these years but also with an unaltered desire to make art and pristine imagination. I will not choose a particular theme and I will not settle on a certain technique beforehand. I will let everything happen during the several days that I will spend in the City of Artists. I will be honest with myself and with the viewers and I will allow my inner experiences to unfold so that the final artworks will be a surprise even for myself. There are lots of people – and I am one of them - who become fearful when their artistic passion tries to drive them towards drawing and painting. There is a fear of being out of practice, the fear that you are not capable of accomplishing your goal, the fear that you will waste your materials, the fear that you will throw away your canvas before it is finished based on the frustration that you are not as good as you thought you were and, obviously, the fear of publicly showing your creation. Although it is going to be difficult, I will try to leave everything behind and enter a state of spiritual effervescence that will motivate me to bring out the most honest version of myself so that I can convey what life means to me while I am working on the canvas and what kind of individual I am when there is nothing standing between me and the canvas, while getting over any upsets or fears that may arise. I will try to go back to the skills I once had in the past and use the pencil and the paintbrush in a conscious attempt to detach myself from daily life while becoming connected to my inner life that I am experiencing without noticing. And this cannot turn into a fake endeavor specifically because I have not developed this artistic practice and I am sure that I will manage to uncover this duality in my personality through art and we will all be pleasantly surprised by the result.