Open Heaven
str. Faurului nr.18


Art should not be a luxury, a coded land, but normal component of life in a healthy society. Artists would be national and cultural heritage that we love to invest in. Art encounters in the context of spaces that bring Contemporary Art are the best thing to have when you look for something that adds substance to your life.Therefor meeting artists and art dealers, or buying art should be just a normal thing easy to understand and track - some examples just for the sake of exemplifying accessibility : just think of our national Tennis champion, or buying a car-- they are so easy to understand follow and be part of, yet we all know and understand their value as well.

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Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
07.10.2019 - 12.10.2019
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 19:10 - artist talk
  • 20:15 - Q&R meet the artists and their creations
  • 02:00 - Inchidere
The show brings to the public the essence of the conceptual state in the contemporary art pieces selected - in three different embodiment proposed by the folowing artists: Roxana Ionescu, Anca Stătică și Cezar stanciu one is the 3D resolved in an contemporary language, then the interdisciplinary factor present in their works as part of the process where the artist develops the specifics of visual identity for his work, and last but not least the different use texture wise that the visual language chosen by each artist requires. Perceptions& emotions sculpt and form the mind, moments that pass thru becoming and forming permenent structures is the concept behind the installation Sculpture for the Mind no.4 that Roxana Ionescu presents. She uses visual elements to underline the ephemeral, the transient side of actions that we realy pay attention to, this same point is captured by the sand present in the ”Traces„ instalation by Anca Stătică. ”Just as the traces of a dance have no physical consistency, every “movement” that we make here on earth creates an atmosphere and it leaves behind an immaterial trace, engraved in our memory. Just as the works are outlined by the light, our movements are stored and highlighted by a source that transcends the material and our own ephemerity.” This comes as a common denominator also for Cexzar Stanciu”s works in a very diferent visual language that usees the spontaneity of brush stroks: ”I relate to the portrait just as a proportion, creating abstract areas, letting accidents happen, using thick or thin, consistent/fluid strokes, I invite the viewer to translate the hidden physionomy of the portrait, letting intuition have its way ..