A5 Studio Space
str.Piata Amzei 5

A5 Studio is an artist studio used on different occasions as display space for Ephemair Association's projects like: The White Night of the Art Galleries, Art Galeries Weekend, ART on DISPLAY and other collaborative partners events. ART on DISPLAY prgram, initiated and organised by Ephemair Association since 2014, is reflecting the Romanian contemporary art realities through the window of the shops displays placed in unused or unsafe buildings for the public access, activating Bucharest urban spaces and signaling the never-ending issue of urban comfort in the city through artists interventions and site specific installations.

Sașa Lazăr: A Longer Exposure


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 25.10.2020

Sașa Lazăr it is the artist invited to create the visual identity for this year edition of THe White Night of the Art Galleries / NAG. We are very happy to show in A5 Studio Space the exhibition “A Longer Exposure” which will remain open till end of october.

“The title of this three-piece exhibition is a reference to the photographic effect that takes place when you leave the camera shutter open long enough. In this way, the exhibition is a visual analogy of what my mind does when I linger long enough on a subject or idea that I want to draw - I experience it melting it into something more fluid, shifting meaning, or losing its original sense completely.” 

“It seems apt to call Alexandru Lazar’s work personal, because that’s exactly how these images feel: they somehow have the aura of works created in stolen moments during the daily grind, carefully etched-out during after-hours at the office. Darkly comic and suffused with a wry wit, they seem to speak to us in equal measure about the futility - and the bemusing wonder - of the mundane, the banal, the quotidian. Under Lazar’s gaze, relationships become exercises in self-deception; employment equals a bathetic act of self-harm; daily tasks are transformed into Sisyphusian struggles. However, this bleakness is tempered with much-needed humour, which crouches among the clean lines, restrained palette, and minimalist geometry that makes Lazar’s work so immediately recognizable.” Tom Wilson

The public acces in A5 Studio Space will be permited accordingly with the official regulations as transmited by the Ministry of Culture  (Ordinul nr. 3.142 din 31 august 2020 ) regarding the prevention of contamination with SARS-CoV-2 and safety rules applied during cultural activities.