Carol 53
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The "Celula de arta" project eludes the conventional gallery space, to create a direct and nonconformistic dialogue between the art work and the viewer. Celula aims at championing contemporary creativity in niche visual, musical and live show arts. It encourages the development of new artistic expressions that are accessible to the street audience on a daily basis. Cover Celula is an alternative space that forms a direct and nonconformist dialogue between video art and the viewer. A space for billboards becomes an ideal support for video installations. CAROL 53 is an urban space similar to public squares, which allows numerous activities, either similar or contradictory ones: building developments, cohabitation, relaxation and informal debates, film projections, theatrical rehearsals, free marketplace etc. A fusion of programs and functions. Carol 53 is an open environment which stimulates, encourages and promotes the initiatives of individuals or groups. It’s an apolitical and non



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 10.10.2020
CALCAN - a quick look at the recent mural painting movement in Romania ~~~ white walls * colored walls; ; legal * illegal; with flowers * without flowers; colored * black and white; realistic * surrealistic; mystical * abstract; straight lines * crooked lines; graffiti * murals; with saints * without saints; censored * unceasured; with money * without money; erased * visible * invisible; with animals * with people; private * in festival; Large * Small; wide * high; through the city * near the city; in CELULA - "ILLEGAL> LEGAL" - The beginnings of mural painting derived from street art & graffiti; colored walls by : SWEET DAMAGE CREW ~LOS OPTICS~RECIS~ PANDELE PANDELE ~ NOM ~ OBIE PLATON ~ IRLO ~ KERO ~ OCU ~ SADDO ~ PISICA PATRATA ~ HOMEBOY ~ KAPS CREW ~ ORTAKU ~ ROBERT OBERT ~ JOHN DOT S ~ MARIA BALAN ~ MIRCEA POPESCU ~ LUCIAN SANDU-MILEA ~ ADREEA TOMA ~ IRINA MOCANU ~ ILUC ~ WANDA ~ ; & +++ +++ mural painting Romania by : UN-HIDDEN ROMANIA; STREET DELIVERY; SISAF; AMURAL; ZIDART; STRAD”ART; &&& Future Walls ~ Calcanul2 by Magu