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Since May 2014, a house-monument from the centre of Bucharest became Roman Gallery. It appeared from the desire of the founders to give to the public in Romania and not only, a common space, which carry with them at least a soul and few glances. In Roman Gallery you will find a new perspective that goes beyond the classic exposure, impersonal work of art, a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork, an oasis of beauty and education of the gaze in a world rushed and constantly moving. Here, at Romanian Gallery, you will find decorative art exhibitions, romanian and foreign, classical and contemporary. We intend to organize temporary exhibitions (personal and collective) of romanian and foreign artists, exposure of consecrated artists and to promote emerging romanian and international artistic. Also, there will be organized cultural events, conferences, seminars, debates and presentations editorial, the gallery space is very generous for this kind of events. Located on the Bd. Las

Georgeta Stefanescu- Park's spirit


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
10.09.2020 - 10.10.2020
Georgeta Stefanescu, a visual artist with dual citizenship, Romanian and French, established in Switzerland since 1992, internationally recognized, continued the search for conceptual art in the sense of formal metamorphosis, less in that of framing in a certain plastic system. The themes she proposes go beyond the subject of the image and work with all the details of the object, playing with the texture, the support and even the medium of expression. Painting, sculpture, architecture meet in the same theme as they become necessary for the subjective way of interpreting reality and the world. The exhibition opens a new theme that will generate ramifications both from the point of view of the continuation of the series of subjects and from that of the representation environment itself. “This personal exhibition proposes a new, original theme, in which I address my current concerns on the new possibilities of plastic expression. "Park's spirit" is conceived as a film script consisting of at least two parts, distinct exhibitions with their own techniques and ways of expression but also of plastic realization: digital photography and painting. In the exhibition scheduled between September 10 and October 10, the core of the main idea of ​​the theme consists of photographic images of documentary type on detailed poses, metamorphosed and captured with the camera of my mobile phone in my walks through the parks "Al.I.Cuza" and "Titan" from Bucharest between 2016-2019. The choice of the theme as well as the multitude of photographic images is correlated with the memories and sensations I experienced during the period when I lived near these lakes, between 1965-1991. ” (Georgeta Stefanescu)