Jewish State Theater
Strada Iuliu Barasch 15 (zona Sf. Vineri – Udriște)

Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat (TES, the State Jewish Theater) in Bucharest, Romania is a theater specializing in Jewish-related plays. It is the oldest Yiddish-language theater with uninterrupted activity in the world. Its contemporary repertoire includes plays by Jewish authors, plays on Jewish topics, and plays in Yiddish (which are performed with simultaneous translation into Romanian, using headphones installed in the theater in the 1970s). Many of the plays also feature Jewish actors. A precursor, the Teatru Evreiesc Baraşeum operated as a Jewish theater through most of World War II, although they were closed during the few months of the National Legionary State, and thereafter performed in Romanian rather than Yiddish through until the fall of Ion Antonescu.

Alef Beys At TES/ Theaterly Alphabet


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 04.10.2020
Gallery Owners:
The exhibition “Alef Beys at TES / Theatrical Alphabet” What do you know about the Hebrew alphabet? How do you spell it? Where does it come from? Come to TES to learn the alef beys! Alef Beys at TES / Alfabet teatral is an event dedicated to the diverse cultural identity and aims to bring to the public's attention the essence of communication in any language - the alphabet. The exhibition will be organized as a guided tour through the historical building of the State Jewish Theater in which participants will enter the special universe of the Yiddish language and culture. At the end of the guided tour each participant will receive a surprise prize. The event is organized by the State Jewish Theater in partnership with the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania and the Museum of History and Culture of Jews in Romania. Curator: Cristina Mohan Guide: Marcel Drăghici Graphics: Oana Monica Nae Concept: Carmen Iovițu For the first time, the cultural events presented in the NAG will take place over three days between October 2- 4, ensuring measures to prevent contamination with the new SARS VOC 2. The exhibition “Alef Beys at TES / Theatrical Alphabet” can be visited between 18:00 and 22:00. The entry is free!