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AnnArt is a privately-owned contemporary art gallery founded in May 2011. Our portfolio brings together well-established artists such as Sorin Ilfoveanu, Stefan Câlția, Vladimir Șetran, Paul Neagu, Adrian Ilfoveanu, Roxana Trestioreanu, Florica Prevenda, Francisc Chiuariu, Dorin Crețu, Gheorghe Fikl, Mircea Novac, Felix Aftene or Virgil Scripcariu, as well as promising emerging ones, based in Romania and overseas such as Constantin Rusu, Maia Ștefana Oprea, Andrei Tudoran, Matei Avramescu, Ioana Pioaru, Andrei Mateescu sau Andreea Albani. In partnership with the AnnArt Foundation, the gallery publishes a series of art catalogues and lobbies for art in public spaces through the Art in Green program.

How to disappear completely


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
10.09.2020 - 07.11.2020
How to Disappear Completely is Francisc Chiuariu’s fifth solo show at AnnArt in Bucharest and is curated Horatiu Lipot. The new series continues the artist’s previous exploration into the condition of the individual in the familiar and alienating cpmntemporary urban space. The figurative which was poignant in the earlier series has gradually given way to an abstract multi-layering of color and depth, where the real appears to go in and out of focus under the viewer’s perception. The selection brings together 30 works in oil on canvas and a recent video piece ‘The outlines of bodies which appear to float in a myriad of primevial figments of amniotic–like liquid, echo the fragility of contemporary man, deepened with each acceleration of our representation of the external world, brought about by science discoveries and/or the attributes of the politically-correct’. (Horațiu Lipot) The curatorial text and further details on the gallery website.