Eforie 8
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Almost free


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 04.10.2020
The Almost free exhibition proposes a chance (or not) encounter between a young generation of artists, native speakers of digital language and some key actors of the Romanian intermedia scene, such as Calin Man, the leader of kinema ikon, the group that celebrates 50 years of activity in experimental film, video installation, hypermedia and net art. The meeting will take place on the dissecting table of an alternative art space, eforie 8, mixing digital projections, 2D and 3D animations with an in situ installation, comprised of a chest of drawers, more or less accessible. The public is invited to explore these drawers where they can face distant memories, sentimental camp objects, fragments of the intimate life of the young artists, such as the resin polyhedrons containing hair, teeth, nails and skin of Marina Oprea, editor in-chief at revista ARTA online. The tie that binds these works together is one of affect, the exhibition managing to impose its own rules regarding space and time. As such, the virtual world that is slowly morphing into reality frees itself from the laws of psychics, instead becoming controlled by the turning tides of emotion, crossed by fear, happiness and desire. During an era of mediatic affects, characterized by Brian Massumi as a world of green, orange and red alert codes, the group of artists aim to liberate said colors in a free play, where they can be perceived in-itself, for-itself, beyond panic, states of emergency and mediatic confusion.