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Format studio is a production house based on a modular team that delivers media products which easily emerge into the art area. In the same context there are multiple events, screenings, and art related activities.



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Perioada Expozitie
20.09.2020 - 20.09.2020
The virus triggered a pandemic and this was a trauma that destabilized a daily order. For this reason we will define the pandemic as an event. How did this event come about? Does it have a beginning, an end, what is our place? Is it an autonomous event? Is there a way to put order in this event? Our reaction was to look from the outside and to frame / break the symmetry of the new narrative. This reaction was like a need not to be passive and to let ourselves be led by the event. As a result, we continued to create and find meaning in the new reality. The reaction was not one of survival. An organism in a critical situation orients itself towards the basic things: food, shelter water, alertness. Our attitude was directed towards documentation, creation, development, strategy. These things lead to involvement in online projects, dialogue with colleagues, experiments but also strengthening ties with friends and family. The exhibition is like an extended dialogue. We will have 2 video projections, an animation, an observational documentary video, photo installation and installation of objects.