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neither a hero nor an insect


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Perioada Expozitie
02.10.2020 - 04.10.2020
The project consists in a series of 13 works printed on textile and 2 works on wax blocks. Concept: The progress of contemporary society has continued to facilitate the individual's livelihood, with his basic needs requiring considerably fewer resources. This state of affairs has created a surplus of time in the human routine, bringing with it the opportunity of an external approach to survival, an attempt to fulfill the self. neither a hero nor insect tries to bring to the fore the hysteria of existence in the 21st century, generated by the need to reconcile the multiple facets and roles approached daily by each person. Professional fulfillment is fruitless in the absence of personal and family achievement, and a life where you lack hobbies or time for relaxation plunges you into an existential crisis. In this way our lives are a circle of compromise that deserves to be made, the compromise that validates today's self, but which cannot guarantee the honor of tomorrow. Not being a hero is the departure from the idea of the remarkable, the serene acceptance of the futility of the process and the limits of the individual, being also rarely an end in itself. The real key that spins the engine of society is the fear of being an insect. Fear of falling under the individual relay, be it an induced relay or an induced relay. The mental space between these two concepts is the waterline as a minimum requirement for the validation of existence, by obsessing over the idea of constant progress. This scenario gives rise to an assiduous examination with various passing thresholds, the man justifying his existence by being better every day than he was every yesterday.