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Scientifica is an organization that believes in the power of collaboration, challenges and curious minds. Based in Romania, focused on new technologies, art and science, circular design and scientific communication, Scientifica projects take new approaches to communicating and debating scientific topics and encourage participants of all ages to experiment and explore the power of discovery.

Departures from the Sphere


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
17.09.2020 - 03.10.2020
Departures from the Sphere creates an elated perception of our bond with the cosmic realm, through a philosophical and poetic understanding of space. Projecting mental structures and subjective geometries onto the celestial sphere, the exhibited works awaken the viewer through visions and utopias. The indissoluble bond between the inner and the outer world occurs through conceptual links and ideas orbiting around a mostly invisible, but felt and sublimated human presence. Such a boundless domain is explored through the study of form, its transformation, movement and conceptual meanings, where the sphere, an iconic form of the Universe, appears in various iterations of its perfect shape. From utopian objects, nocturnal creatures and phantom-like vegetation, to mesmerizing landscapes and symbolic depictions, the exhibition ties intense expressiveness and contemplation with the focused, precise thinking of experimentation, and the welcoming of chance in the moment of discovery.