Dragoste Gallery
Andrei Șaguna nr. 5

Love Gallery is the place for those who follow their passion. In 2009 Pintea Dan-Raul resigned from his job and set a deadline of 7 years to succeed in art. But having no place for the established artists in the only gallery in the city, that of the Brukenthal Art Museum, he went to exhibit outside. Meanwhile, it disbanded in 2014 and for 3 years tried with a group to open another alternative art space but due to the lack of involvement of local artists and authorities he refocused on his passion which he monetized in the Dragoste brand and won the 2017 ZAIN edition. That's how he got to the ROMANIA I LOVE YOU! show, which made him visible all over the country. Then the money started to come, he opened his company and now he owns the only private art gallery in Sibiu, Dragoste Gallery, where he exhibits, sells and lives from his passion. Thus managing to achieve the goal proposed 7 years ago.

Elisa Ștefan și Pintea Dan-Raul


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 17.10.2021

Pintea Dan-Raul was born in 1981 in Sibiu and has been living in ecological art made from recycled materials since 2007. You know about him, he writes T-shirts with Dragoste and has the store @dragostegallery, but at the base he is a graphic designer, graduate of the Faculty of Arts Plastics and the Master of the University of Arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca. His main activity is contemporary art where he works with exhibitions in Romania, Portugal, Belgium, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Ireland, England, the Netherlands and the little time he has left he dedicates to supporting the creative community. @elisastefann is the first artist to exhibit at @dragostegallery. The innocence in her art has a particular beauty, she believes a lot in it and thinks she will be a star. ”He discovered her under the acronym @esartc after giving her an add and instantly became his favorite artist. It was love at first sight

Currently @elisastefann is a student at the National Pedagogical College in Focșani. Some of her works have been exhibited in Bucharest at Art Safari and Super Festival. He works in different environments and focuses mainly on anatomy, being in a continuous learning process, exploring and admiring the beauty of human physical features.
Elisa @esartc's art includes works that have man as a common factor in different poses, in different styles. The works represent the way in which she discovers bodily differences, these being her own creations, inspired or even small reproductions by artists such as Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Francesco Hayez, Eadweard Muybridge and others, from 2019 collecting figures worthy of attention that do not it fits precisely into the beauty standard set by the company.