NO!HAI Ambasada Creativă
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No!Hai is set up as a creative space in the historic center of Sibiu, dedicated to open the dialogue between artists, between artists and the public, between trainers and participants. A soace that function both as a small gallery and a creative workshop, which aims to become an embassy for an eclectic palette of forms of expression and representatives of the local cultural landscape, a space for sharing ideas and generating new cultural and educational projects.

We loved each other in the pandemic


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
14.10.2021 - 20.11.2021
A first collection of poetry…Cherubic face and talent for another ten, Iustinian Turcu, Raluca Coșăreanu and Alexandru Cînean surprise once again. 47 short poems or 47 steps to self-descent, 47 dreams that suddenly in the ceiling of the soul , surrendered by the brush of the visual creator who meets the poems with 11 illustrations made in mixed media which will be exhibited in the gallery NO!HAI Creative Embassy, accompanied by the sound universe of the music composer Claudiu Urse. Escaped as of from Mozarian pages, Cherubino wanders strange lands, he doesn’t know and we don’t know yet , if his challengers are only the words of the actor , fresh of the stage , over which a few waves of fears and imagines have already passed. In any case, they fought for his skin and especially his soul. ,,we loved each other in the pandemic” here is the first verse, the first advertisement, although it all starts on a magical land that of the dream of the theater with Prince and acrobats, magicians and elves. We gradually slip away from the exuberant force of youth, with the secret fear of vulnerability, and the cadence of the days and the avalanche of time coming upon it, to three theatrical encounters with Death , the ridiculous and powerless of ,,cotoroanta”. The strong smell of life attracts him, dance with the stars and returns, like any servant of Thalia , to the bachelors of Dionysus, where the theatre was born , mask and counter-mask, loneliness with its soft attraction, the devilish dance of cells, one night of personal walpurgie. Histrionic consciousness is strong and nostalgic, "and how beautiful I thought I was playing." It's kind of a brawl / attraction with his condition as an actor, which he doesn't it can come off. The string of loves from his life he is quickly evoked, only the last story remains, lived ardently, a hot erotica, intimate confessions, cruel notations, with details direct, the indecent becomes poetry, then the sad waltz of parting, eroticism directly confronted with the divine ... Again the question, and whether would he have lived all this only on stage? Ghost trainer of the past waiting for someone to come and wake him. What if the pandemic was just a dream? Crazy dream of one actor and a visual artist, eager for life and love ...