Diakoniewerk International Association
Strada Mitropoliei

Inclusion in Art


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
21.09.2021 - 21.09.2021
Inclusion in Art is the project that the Diakoniewerk Interantional Association proposes for the White Night of Galleries (NAG) 2021. The exhibition presents the results of the painting workshops that took place during the summer in the Open-air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului, under the guidance of artist Andrea Bernath. Anca Belașcu, Manuel Blotor, Alexandru Budulan, Alexandra Calborean, Cristina Cătoiu, Ionuț Floca, Cristina Lupu, Claudia Moldovan, Alex Moldovan, Dragoș Moldovan, George Paraschiv, Mădălina Soare, Răzvan Ungureanu, Marius Vinți are the authors of these works. Their names are not known to you, but through the works exhibited they want to welcome you with their artistic message. Understanding that art can embrace the most varied and powerful forms of transformation, multi-relation and emotional relaxation, the paintings of these young people should be perceived and admired with a special openness. The aesthetic sensibility attained in their playful, summery themes is the result of an unimaginable locomotor effort in compensation of the naivety and the most unsuspected artistic accidents, which gives their painting product the naturalness and genuineness so sought after in the creation process. Inspired by seasonal landscapes, flowers and fruits, but not only, the artworks of the 14 artists are brought to the NAG's public attention at the headquarters of the association, the place where these young people spend most of their lives and which has now been transformed into a true art gallery. Visiting the exhibition can bring an enriched experience through the inclusive incursion for art and its artists!