Salut Sibiu
Str. Cetății

"Salut Sibiu" is located opposite to the main entrance of Thalia Hall, on "the most beautiful street in Sibiu".

Eclectic Abstract


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
14.10.2021 - 21.10.2021
ECLECTIC ABSTRACT Eugène Ionesco wrote in the volume "White and Black": "In order to draw, paint, photograph, you have to know, to be able to see, to observe: beyond the reality accessible to all (...), there is a second reality, much more subjective, therefore, paradoxically, more true and more universal (...) The further we go in the successive realities, the more realistic we become, that is, the truer: in a sense that is not conventional realism, but the true. ” The artworks in this exhibition, presented to the art-loving public on the special occasion of the first personal exhibition of the artist Florentin Logigan - FLo, talk about the above mentionated mysterious reality, behind the visible world. His artworks unfold exuberant choreographies of histrionic gestures, sometimes elusive, inviting to contemplation and feeling. The visual identity is supported by a unitary diversity that releases a special vibration, an intense and enormous vital energy, a wide latitude of personal interpretations, undoubtedly a visual challenge for the audience and their imagination.