The German Cultural Center
Str. Timotei Popovici

Rod is an educational cooperative affiliated to the Popular School of Arts and Crafts "Ilie Micu" in Sibiu, designed as a platform for promoting and supporting beginners in the visual arts.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
15.10.2021 - 17.10.2021
Passenger in transit through life, waiting for opportunities to take it from the beginning. Restart. Replay. Rewind. The circuit of man on earth. Always back to the starting point, with the baggage of mistakes already made and prepared for others, with the predetermined itinerary, with the roadmap on which the obstacles to be avoided in the way of success are ticked. Ready for a more enthusiastic (re) start, a start in a whirlwind, freed from the brakes of the past, from the restraints of one's own impotence, from the sticks in the wheels put by others and from the mirage of frequent stops around corners on a straight route. "Whatever it is, it will be", "life goes on" and "hope dies last"! Art from remnants of mixed feelings, roll with memories and automatisms reruned until fading, the great collage of passing through the world, on a linear path only in appearance, but tangled like a ball of thread, a ball of a single thread by wich everything hangs. A time trial race, finally. Remaining the restart.