Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Imbold Gallery 21 Loc pe harta

str. Polonă nr. 40
0745 662 889

Imbold Gallery is an ongoing project of the Imbold Association and an independent space of contemporary art. Imbold has many projects that include the promotion of artists such as Misha Diaconu, Vicotr Fota, Claudiu Ciobanu, Andrei Argaetic, Nicu Kitra Duta, Buzu Ana Andronic, the collective project of responsible design “Furnitubes”, the only digital art festival – “PAF!”, the first arts festival inspired by folklore “Imbold Nativ”. The gallery space is doubled by the loft “Acuarela – Bistro de Arte”.

Bucharest Optimixed

19:00 - 02:00

artists: Andrei Argaetic, Andrei Robu, Buzu Ana Andronic, Cristina Ciobanu, Dominus, Evelin Bundur, Ghica Popa George Roșu,Ioana Sopov, Kitra,Loreta Isac, Mădălina Andronic, Misha Diaconu,Pisica Patrata, Paula Rusu, Paula Duță, Robert Obert, Răzvan Cornici,Raluca Băraru,Veronica Neacșu,Victor Fota,Wanda Hutira 

București Optimixed aims to highlight the corners of Bucharest that make us smile, through reinterpreting images by invited artists. They put their mark not only on the work itself, but also in the mind of viewers by adding surprise elements into selected frames, items that will be remembered every subsequent review of the places in the photos .

București Optimixed is a collective exhibition and a catalyst of cultural events and performances integrated into Romanian Design Week and Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor. The exhibition will display photos from the portfolio of Cristian Vasile (IGU), București Optimist founder,  and the 22 artists will intervene with spontaneous illustrations .

Organizers and artists involved in the project are preparing enthusiastically events with live music, Live Art Battles and walls that have beautiful smile and tell stories.

The event is organized by Asociatia Culturala Imbold, Bucuresti Optimist and Atelierul de Print.