A5 Studio Space
str.Piata Amzei 5


A5 Studio is an artist studio used on different occasions as display space for Ephemair Association's projects like: The White Night of the Art Galleries, Art Galeries Weekend, ART on DISPLAY and other collaborative partners events. ART on DISPLAY prgram, initiated and organised by Ephemair Association since 2014, is reflecting the Romanian contemporary art realities through the window of the shops displays placed in unused or unsafe buildings for the public access, activating Bucharest urban spaces and signaling the never-ending issue of urban comfort in the city through artists interventions and site specific installations.



Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
11.10.2019 - 20.10.2019
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 03:00 - Inchidere

artists: Emilian Croitoru, Dragoș Dogioiu, Anastasia Lungu, Raluca Oancea, Liviu Ralea, Ștefan Simion

Good Dogs is the result of a series of fortunate encounters that took place in Cumpătu, Sinaia during a summer school. While looking for a shooting location, some members of our group stumbled upon the dilapidated remnants of the Vanatorul Restaurant. All they wanted were some shots fitting for the poetry composed using an experimental method during Simona Popescu’s workshop. Just some grey walls to use as background. However, what they found was completely unexpected. The walls were covered by an unusual pack of dogs, depicted all to skillfully to not having been done by an artist. Still, in the midst of these works of art were heaps of trash, crude graffiti and mattresses covered by the mouldy wall plaster. The videpoems were filmed accordingly, but the question on everybody’s mind remained: why were those dogs there? While our team was looking for shooting locations regarding an unrelated project we somehow returned to the dog house. A considerable amount of material was accumulated during that summer. Yet another series of fortunate events led to us meeting Suzana Dan during an exhibition opening taking place at BRD Scena9. During our conversation we mentioned the abandoned restaurant in passing while asking if we could participate in the Night of the Galleries. That evening Suzana realised that we had discovered the Museum of Dog, one of her projects dating back to 2007.