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Piliuță 90


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
03.09.2019 - 16.09.2019
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 03:00 - Inchidere
Constantin Piliuţă – the painter who managed to conceive the picture before touching the canvas Since the beginning, art nourished itself out of humanity, suffering, nostalgia, an unusual curiosity, unstoppable fantasy, bursting enthusiasm, but also deep depression, turmoil, smile and light, sarcasm and self–irony. A universal inclination for intelligence and spiritual depth. „Art is in no need of vowels or consonants; good or not good, it molds to your soul or not. The job of an artist is always to think, with each age you approach it differently, because the artists mission, especially one of a painter, is to reach into the intimacy of people, to teach them to live in the joy of color, when they may find themselves in front of a picture.” These are the thoughts of the great artist, shared public in this new exhibition of painting and drawings, opened from 3rd to 16th october at Rotenberg – Uzunov Art Gallery. For a better understanding of the history and memory of its time, Piliuță 90 exhibition is dedicated to the unforgettable 90 years passed from the birth of this remarkable artist „marked by an elevated spirit, always open, that translated to the canvas all he had to share in the artistic field and wrote with an extraordinary literary sensitivity, in his immortal journals, about his life and soul” (Marius Tița- art critic). Works from the families collection and that of Eduard’s Uzunov will be shown in the exhibition, some of which never seen before. Whether oils or drawings; gathered from the tip of the pen, or of charcoal, the expression of the face, the gesture of the body, the nature of his characters stand witness to an artistic figurative experiment, which finds in itself the expression of its own metamorphosis. As means of traditional ways of expression, both painting as drawing, concentrate in their symbolism, color’s force of expansion, demonstrating once more, if necessary, the acuity of the artistic spirit that contemplates the human nature to recompose it then in its most simple lines and brush strokes. And thus, through its simplicity, they become capable to convey the depths of the psyche of their characters! The artist is aware that a detail more to his work would concentrate the interest of the viewer to “form”, when his intent is to show but the “substance”. In his artworks, colors merge in the most uncomplicated combinations, most of the times only in a singular chromatic range, dominated all by…white, which fascinated Piliuță, giving him the dimension of the free thought. Excellent draftsman, Piliuță has acquired over time the value of drawing,in its chromatic composition. Caught in friendly poses over a glass of wine, the characters of his drawings are without compromise, drawn spontaneously with sleek lines. The portraits are critically analyzed, with obvious social and psychological interest. Student of the great Alexandru Ciucurencu, Piliuță, has added in the color of his paintings an extraordinary chromatic science, painting white on white, he entered the human soul with daring, always in search to find the adequate expressions and to use the technical means most close to his own art, with both angst and passion, unmatched but by intelligence and taste. Constantin Piliuță declared in a interview :’the works in an exhibition must always bring something new, firsthand, to open a dialog between the artist and the audience, this is the beauty of an exhibition: for you to discover it, as a painter, through the eyes of those who come to see your works”. A wish come true by the opening exhibition of Piliuță 90, event dedicated to an artist to witch level of craftsmanship in art proved also in the art of detail, composition, but also in elements of chromatics and expression!