ETAJ artist-run space
Strada George Enescu 43


E T A J is an artist-run space, a catalyst for the efficiency of the contemporary artistic object in the local context. Several artists have grouped themselves into the idea of ​​forming a cultural cell. In their approach, but also in the relationship between them, there is no conventional pattern. Whether it is a group exhibition, personal exhibition or other events initiated here, the principles of artistic practice and a sense of authenticity are those that guide the collective actions started at ETAJ.

Playing GOD, why?


Tip eveniment
Perioada Expozitie
11.10.2019 - 12.10.2019
  • 19:00 - Deschidere
  • 03:00 - Inchidere
The exhibition "Playing GOD, why?" Highlights the unexpressed curatorial-artistic statement of the group from ETAJ. We seem to know the boundary between good and evil, between what orders and what disorients, between the authentic and the simulacra. We apply rules constantly to make decisions and we invoke them to justify our individual or collective actions. The subject of the exhibition is "decision" and especially "decision-making factor". In our curatorial experiment, the subjective decisions and especially the individual decisions are the ones that guide the accomplishment of the exhibition. The matrix of the "artist-run" culture impresses upon the exhibition a character given by the tension between the individual and the collective approach, and the result is eminently an eclectic one. Eclecticism is for us a natural laboratory condition and especially necessary for performing the collective artistic act. "Playing GOD" is an apotheosis addressed to the individuality of the artists, and "why?" Raises the question of the intervention of the individuality in the collective creation. "Why?" Draws attention to the rules and principles of moral order in the game of God. "Why? it addresses the critical eye, the contemplator, the one who weighs and decides whether one's creation is worthy of becoming emblematic. What is good art and what is bad art? Who deserves to be known for its creation and who does not? Who do we delegate to make these decisions [we] made? Why should anyone assume the divine role in the playful aspects of our lives? And if it still does, what rules does it take into account? In the curatorial design of the "Playing GOD, why?" Event, chance is embraced as an element that allows us to depersonalize the decisions that lead to the final format of the exhibition. The chance and the eclecticism allow us to maintain the lines of the artist-run culture. You will discover 17 "objects of art" belonging to the 17 artists exhibiting on the floor during this exhibition year at "Playing GOD, why?". On this occasion ETAJ will also host a video installation "2141 km", a live video transmitted from Copenhagen where, at the same time, an artistic event marks the opening of a cultural space similar to the ETAJ of George Enescu 43, ETAJ K41.