Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Carol 53 46 Loc pe harta

Bulevardul Carol I Nr. 53, Sector 1

CAROL 53 is an open environment that fosters, encourages and promotes initiatives of individuals or groups of people. It belongs to no one and it is a nondiscriminatory space. We provide a neutral framework in which diverging or converging parts of society can confront and discuss ideas, redefining the communication between them shaping new relations between generations, occupations and interests in order to further develop the city and its culture.
CAROL 53 is a pilot program that, by documenting it, can serve as a model for pragmatic initiative groups for abandoned or degraded areas whose potential is ignored or lost in bureaucratic processes, resulting in their destruction or irretrievable loss. The method is assuming both the space and the situations that define it.
We are aiming at creating mostly educational environment, trying to outline a platform for non-formal education. We don’t dispute formal education per se, but its development directions and adaptability level in the contemporary context.


19:00 - 04:00

artists: Lucia Elvira Butnariu, Cai verzi pe pereti, Creative Brick, Marele Deget Mare, Anca Miron, Daniela Gheorghiu, Ioana Joa, Poteca Studio, Madalina Teler, Alina Turdean


- What does it mean inside out?
- Nothing, it’s just that the inside of your shirt is on the outside and the outside is on...forget
                  Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer 

17-24 MAY { CASA CAROL 53 }.CAROL BUL, NO.53
• 17 may 20:00 – exhibition opening I mixed feelings - food&thought Flori de Menta I arh. Alina Turdean
• 21 may 18:00 – product launch I cai verzi pe pereti I
• 23 may 20:00 – NAG I urban indoor picnic arh.Daniela Gheorghiu I arh. Alina Turdean   

We need human interaction. Interaction that is easy, relaxed and opened, interaction that generates usefulness on all sides involved.
The objects we design are destined for the people. They are meant to help and improve their lives, to bring them enjoyment and move them. The Houses we design and furnish are meant for them. We plan them in order to best fit their personalities, their needs and often their budgets.
We also must learn to recuperate, re-use and re-think, we must learn to do all of this together. Each and every one of us has something unique to bring to the plate, as well as something lacking.
We have abandoned spaces all over the city. But we have ideas and objects that can improve our lives.
We need opportunities of communication and exchanges, because we need to learn how to better use all the means available around us in order to further build our social and personal future and of course we need to do all of this together, as a healthy opened community.

We need to touch design, to sit down with it and find out together what is missing to make it better or good enough for each and every one of us in particular.
We need to exchange opinions and learn from each other’s experiences in order to find out how to better cope using our current resources.
So we invert the normal order of the available décor: on the inside we create an urban oasis, a small park, a public space inserted in the private sector. We have an urban picnic, we test new products and exchange opinions throughout the week. We want to repossess the lost space and re-use the inside.
• Cai verzi pe pereti: decorative wall stickers as design object
• Creative Brick: Lego installation. Play time in product design.
• Flori de Menta and arh. Alina Turdean: Mixed feelings, 45year old flowers, two years of learning feelings and six glorious dishes to illustrate it all.
• Ioana Joa: the art of human interaction
Marele Deget Mare and arh.Alina Turdean: IELE, the decorative collar of traditional inspiration
• Anca Miron: what can a t-shirt be? Fashion installation about our own limits or our limitless conversations with costume.
• Poteca Studio: vegetal design. Vegetal installation that offers the right atmosphere for an indoor picnic.
• arh. Daniela Gheorghiu and arh. Alina Turdean: urban picnic – testing multifunctional cutlery
• Coca Zaboloteanu – fashion installation
On the outside we gather around the bake stone. We sit in the kitchen. We cook, we taste, we chat or listen to music.
• Lucia Elvira Butnariu – Transition to the interior. Installation made out of twigs and textile. An area of textures and a play of light and shadow.
• Poteca Studio: the dialogue area – urban furniture and parametrical installation.
• Ioana Sopov: outdoor illustration
• Mădălina Teller – De Ceramica. Ceramic modules for the creative decorating of plane surfaces.
These are abandoned spaces which can be re-used. Good ideas which can become brilliant, and countless possibilities which are all around us.
This is an opportunity to exploit and explore them together.