Noaptea Galeriilor 2014

Open Studio Icoanei 23 41 Loc pe harta

Str. Icoanei Nr. 23, Sector 2
0722 350 200

The Open Studio Icoanei 23 is the place where contemporary art, interwar art and postmodern art merge from a Bucharest that has the scent of Montmartre and La Seine. Young contemporary artists perform under the gaze of the paintings of already known Rodica Pandele and Vera Mihailescu. In the atmosphere of a interbellum studio and enjoying a cup of tee or some fresh water, visitors can rejoice the hidden and always incomprehensible beauty of arts.

Eveniment NAG


19:00 - 04:00

Acoustic Installation – Map, Sound Photography, Interactivity. The Polyphonic Factory

Since early times, art has expressed itself through multiple and different means. From cave paintings and clay works to music, dance, design and even more complex interactions with the public.

We are all familiar with the images of Notre Dame, Mona Lisa’s smile, VanGogh’s flowers or Grigorescu’s oxen... but what if sound could be presented as a „dynamic image”? If  notes could be arranged as a topographic representation of a railway station? Or perhaps the map of a fictional destination...

Defining performance art is a difficult task. It can come as a spontaneous fling or a well-planned concept, it can incorporate an audience or just be an artistic manifesto with the artist present/not present. Whatever the case at hand, performance art is a very powerful way of expressing social context and artistic motivation.  

When everything around us tends to be shocking (like the 5 o’clock breaking news), art becomes „our escape” from everyday life. But art can be more than just entertainment. It can raise many questions, some difficult, other to abstract for mainstream media, without offering the immediate answers. Instead, it helps us to better understand our surroundings and find the appropriate answers ourselves.

The Acoustic Instalation presented here is meant to test your imagination. In a „conventional” space,  Icoanei 23, through objects from a past era, we take you on a journey to different plains or dimensions of thought, image and, of course, sound.

I Listen, It happens...